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FOLKNET 1810-1990

Through the search tool FOLKNET 1810-1990, you can take part of information gathered in the DDB population database. Here, you will be able to find data on the total population in Swedish parishes, towns and municipalities, collected every ten years between 1810 and 1990.
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INDIKO – parish registers on the web

Would you like to search through the POPUM database, containing data from 18th and 19th century parish records? If so, you are free to use INDIKO – parish registers on the web. With the help of INDIKO you can get information about individuals in elected congregations, and also look directly into the various parish records and re-create pages of these.
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SHiPS – Swedish Historical Population Statistics

SHiPS is another internet-based tool that gives you access to statistics from Tabellverket (old Statistics Sweden). The information will primarily be visualized on a map of Sweden, but you can also download files, graphs and more detailed, regional maps.
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TABVERK on the web

Using the search tool TABVERK on the web, you can browse through the information available in the TABVERK database. TABVERK contains all of the information that the priests gathered on the members of their congregations, entered on special forms and sent to the Table Commission 1749-1859.
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