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With TABVERK on the web you can recreate the contents of an optional form in Tabellverket. The population statistics in Tabellverket is quite unique, due to its detailed information at such an early date. Merely in Finland, a similar time serial of data exists.

The population is described by sex, age and civil status and by occupation and social status, usually every fifth year from 1749 to 1859. Yearly statistics is given about the demographical events, fertlility, mortality and nuptiality, as well as migrations (in the 19th century). The information about the events is especially detailed regarding mortality.

With the search tool TABVERK on the web, it is possible for you to study the statistical contents of a freely chosen parish and to recreate the contents of an optional form in Tabellverket. You simply choose a form by stating the geographical area, year and type of form (population or mortality).

The database TABVERK is a DDB property. Therefore, is not allowed to download information from the tool TABVERK on the web to a database of your own, nor to use the information for commercial purposes.

If you want to publish your findings, please refer to
"The Demographic Data Base, CEDAR, Umeå University". Also, kindly inform us about any such publications.
Thank you!

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