Ordering data from the databases

The databases at CEDAR and the DDB are meant to be used for national and international research. If you, as a researcher, would like to know more about the databases or learn how to make a data retrieval we welcome you to contact our coordinator.

To order data  

The databases at CEDAR are both complex and very rich in detail. If you are interested in a data retrieval we will help you to structure your data set and specify the variables needed. Together we will discuss what kind of data you are in a need of in order to answer your research questions, and then we will write this down in, what we call, a specification. The specification describes the data set on a variable level, sets the rules of the data and defines more specifically the geographic area, time period and the cohort of the study.

It is important to us to have high quality on our service as well as on data retrievals. In order to accomplish the quality goal both system developers and research commissioners are working together with the data retrievals; developing, verifying, and documenting the data retrieval before it is being sent to the researcher.

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Have in mind

Before every new semester of the academic year, we plan our coming data retrievals. If you want to make sure that you have access to your data at a specific point in time, we advice you to order it as early as possible.
Please note, that an order for data retrieval must be confirmed in writing by you as a client if it is to be regarded as valid. 

When you have recieved a data retrieval from us you have to sign a legal contract, stating the conditions for usage of the material. When ordering data from the database POPLINK, which contains data on now living individuals, you are also required to get an approval from either the central or local ethical vetting board (EPN) in accordance with the Ethical Review Act. A fee is charged for each application. This fee is to be paid by the person principally responsible for the research.

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Contact us

Do you want to order data or ask a question about the databases? 

Please contact the
coordinator of data retrievals: Maria Wisselgren
phone: +46 90-786 50 54

The cost

Since every data retrieval is unique it is difficult to suggest a set price. The price depends on its size and complexity; if the retrieval will consist of several data files, many generated variables etc.

We recommend you to contact us so we can give you an offer based on the data you have specified.