Welcome to CEDAR Research

CEDAR is a multidisciplinary centre for research on demographic changes and ageing.

CEDAR Research consists of the previous Centre for Population Studies (CPS), the research programme Ageing and Living Conditions (ALC), Historical Demography and the Graduate School in Population Dynamics and Public Policy. 

In various projects, scholars from three faculties and a large number of disciplines research the transition from a young population to an ageing society: What happens with people's living conditions when the demographic structure is transformed? The goal is to address the consequences of changing living conditions in various groups in society. This means examining how altered cognition, health, economy, social relations and participation is affecting old and young, men and women, wealthy and poor, healthy and sick, as well as different majority and minority groups.

An important point of departure are the longitudinal databases developed at CEDAR (including POPUM, POPLINK, the Linnaeus Database and SHARE), as well as information from databases developed at other units at Umeå University (such as Betula and the Västerbotten Intervention Programme, VIP).

Important themes for the research are:

  • Cognitive and physical ageing
  • Participation of the elderly
  • Living conditions in majority and minority groups during different phases of the demographic transition
  • Determinants of population trends

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