Current research projects

CEDAR's researchers are both participating in and managing a lot of different projects. On this page you can find information about some of the larger ones.

DISLIFE Liveable disabilities:
Life courses and opportunity structures across time

DISLIFE is a multidisciplinary project, where researchers are studying how different disabilities have affected people's participation in society, from the 19th century and up until today. Not least when it comes to work, family and education. 
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SHARE stands for Survey of Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe, and is a longitudinal, interview based project that covers 21 countries and about 110 000 individuals in total. In Sweden, CEDAR is responsible for the collecting and processing of SHARE's data on health, ageing and socio-economic status on people aged 50 or over.
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Paths to healthy and active ageing

Paths to healthy and active ageing is a research programme financed by Forte (the Swedish Research Council for Health, Working Life and Welfare), and the name actually says a lot about its purpose. Here, researchers follow individuals during their life courses in order to analyse how things such as lifestyle, work and social networks affect the health and cognition of elderly people. 
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Moving out from the city – a study on families’ migration strategies for social sustainable living outside metropolitan areas

Moving from a metropolitan area imply a reorganization of the families’ daily life regarding housing, work and commuting. The project will with individual register data analyse how these various aspects in families’ daily life enhance or restrict the families' preconditions for moving from a metropolitan area and how the move changes the organisatiton of daily life in various geographical contexts, as well as explore potential effects on (in)equalities in families’ organisation of daily life. The point of departure is to view the move as a strategy to improve the families’ daily life to be more social sustainable.

PHIBRA: Physical influences on brain in ageing

Participants: CJ Boraxbekk (PI), Lars Nyberg, Katrine Riklund-Åhlström, Art Kramer & Lars Jonasson
Funding: The Swedish Research Council, The Kamprad Family Foundation for Entrepreneurship, Research & Charity & The County Council of Västerbotten (VLL)

MMA: Motor Mental Aging

Participant: CJ Boraxbekk (PI)
Funding: Centrum för idrottsforskning (CIF)

What's the weather got to do with it? - Infant mortality in Northern Sweden during the demographic transition

Infant mortality has been shown to vary by season, but the contribution of weather variations and social factors is unclear, particularly for pre-industrial societies in a subarctic environment. This project will investigate how seasonality and weather influenced the mortality of infants in northern Sweden between 1800 and 1950.

Participants: Lena Karlsson (PI), Barnara Schumann.
Funding: RJ.

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