Current research projects

CEDAR's researchers are both participating in and managing a lot of different projects. On this page you can find information about some of the larger ones.

ALC – Ageing and Living Conditions 

is a multidisciplinary research programme, financed by the Swedish Research Council (Vetenskapsrådet). Here, twenty something researchers are studying what happens in society when we live ever longer, if there are ways in which we can age better, and how we can influence our living conditions in old age. 
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The Graduate School
in Population Dynamics and Public Policy

is also financed by the Swedish Research Council. The Graduate School provides PhD students with access to high-quality databases and encourages interdisciplinary meetings, whilst giving them the opportunity to study the relationship between different processes and demographic changes. 
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DISLIFE Liveable disabilities:
Life courses and opportunity structures across time

DISLIFE is a multidisciplinary project, where researchers are studying how different disabilities have affected people's participation in society, from the 19th century and up until today. Not least when it comes to work, family and education. 
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stands for Survey of Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe, and is a longitudinal, interview based project that covers 21 countries and about 110 000 individuals in total. In Sweden, CEDAR is responsible for the collecting and processing of SHARE's data on health, ageing and socio-economic status on people aged 50 or over.
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is in fact a group of researchers involved in a lot of different projects focusing on the meaning of activities for elderly people. For example, they study how we can sustain our ability to handle important tasks in life as we grow older, and if the activities we carry out can affect how we feel. 
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Paths to healthy and active ageing

is a research programme financed by Forte (the Swedish Research Council for Health, Working Life and Welfare), and the name actually says a lot about its purpose. Here, researchers follow individuals during their life courses in order to analyse how things such as lifestyle, work and social networks affect the health and cognition of elderly people. 
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Other projects

are there also quite a few of. 
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