ALC – Ageing and Living Conditions

Ageing and Living Conditions (ALC) is an interdisciplinary research programme addressing the interconnections between population ageing, participation and the living conditions of the elderly.

The programme includes both quantitative and qualitative research. Here, scholars from three different faculties work together and in doing so combine a variety of disciplines, including psychology, cognitive neuroscience, epidemiology, history, ethnology, demography, human geography, statistics, economics, sociology and occupational therapy.

Some of the questions our researchers are asking:
What does succesful ageing actually mean? Why do some poeople age better than others? How should society adapt in order to be able to take care of the elderly, e.g. when it comes to health care and pensions? 

A unique resource

In 2006 ALC was awarded the prestigious Linnaeus Centre of Excellence Grant and funding from the Swedish Research Council for a ten year period (80 million SEK in total). This enabled us to build an important resource for answering the questions of our project, the so-called Linnaeus Database. This longitudinal database not only covers the entire Swedish population for the time period 1960 to 2009. It also combines economical, medical and social data with linked information on cognition and health surveys.

Current ALC sub-projects 2015-2016:

"Maintaining an active life style"
Participants: Ingeborg Nilsson, Carl-Johan Boraxbekk & Anna Sundström

"Social implications of increased mid-life single living in Sweden"
Participants: Glenn Sandström, Lena Karlsson, Emma Lundholm
& Mojgan Payab

"The effects of family network on cogntive health and on caregiver"
Participants: Anna Sundström, Olle Westerlund & Johan Lundberg

"Work environment and the notions of extended work life"
Participants: Anna-Sofia Lundgren & Angelika Sjöstedt-Landén

"Rectangularization of mortality in old age from cause of death perspective"
Participants: Sören Edvinsson, Erling Lundevaller & Göran Broström

"From active working life to life as retired"
Participants: Margareta Norberg, Anna Sundström & Mojgan Payab

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