Paths to Healthy and Active Ageing

In focus of the project are the social, economic, physical and cognitive preconditions for a longer working life and a healthy ageing.

Prolonging one’s working life and promoting active and healthy ageing have been suggested as one solution to the demands of a growing elderly population. However, one must consider the risk of larger disparities in socioeconomic and health in later life. Therefore, our broad research questions are as follows:

• To what extent can a healthy and active life style promote physical and cognitive health in the later stage of life?

• Do we see patterns of increasing disparities in health, life style patterns and socio-economic conditions?

• What is the impact of work environment occupational complexity and employment history on the timing of retirement?

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Participants of the project

Title of the Project
Paths to Healthy and Active Ageing

Project Period
01/01/2014 - 12/31/2019

Subject areas
Ethnology, Cognitive science, Sociology, Demography, Human geography, Statistics, Public health science.

Head of research
Professor Gunnar Malmberg, assistant Director, CEDAR

Page Editor: Nina Brynefall

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